In October 2020, the Pan American Development Foundation, with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) and other partners, began the implementation of the project Somos Comunidad (Resilience Community) in Colombia. The project aims to increase community resilience to crime and violence by strengthening social cohesion and promoting citizen security through integrating local security systems composed of civil society, state institutions and law enforcement.

Through the Resilience Fund, the GI-TOC's experience analyzing the effects of criminal governance around the world has allowed us to identify the challenges faced by these territories and to provide tools, such as the Resilience Dialogues, for the construction of citizen security approaches.

The Resilience Dialogues are participatory spaces for civil society, institutions and public forces that promote dialogue and discussion, generate support networks and build community responses to security and coexistence issues in the communities.

In 2021, we held 10 dialogues in the municipalities where the Resilience Community project was implemented. These dialogues strengthened participants’ capacities in crime and violence prevention according to their specific contexts. Participants identified security issues in their community and prepared booklets with proposals to prevent them based on their experiences, needs and resources.

How to make a prevention and resilience booklet

These booklets are informative tools created by and for the communities that clearly and visually present basic crime prevention concepts, identify a security and coexistence problem in the community, and suggest steps to prevent it.

El Carmen de Bolívar, Bolívar

Main issues: micro-trafficking, threats to social leaders, sexual violence.

Cáceres, Antioquia

Main issues: gender-based violence, forced displacement, forced recruitment of minors.

Valencia, Córdoba

Main issues: threats to leaders, criminal governance, micro-trafficking.

Sardinata, Norte de Santander

Main issues: gender-based violence, forced recruitment of minors, threats to leaders.

Caucasia, Antioquia

Main issues: gender-based violence, forced displacement, forced recruitment of minors.

Santander de Quilichao, Cauca

Main issues: micro-trafficking, illicit crops, illegal mining.

Tumaco, Nariño

Main issues: illicit crops, forced recruitment of minors, threats to leaders.

San Jacinto, Bolívar

Main issues: micro-trafficking, gender-based violence, extortion.

El Guamo, Bolívar

Main issues: sexual violence, violence against the LGBTIQ+ population, micro-trafficking, lack of land ownership.

Tierralta, Córdoba

Main issues: illicit crops, gender-based violence, forced recruitment of minors.

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