Call for volunteers

Join us for another 24h conference!


  • An English speaker (non-native speakers are welcome!)?
  • Available between beginning of September and end of October 2023 (especially about 5 hours per week in the 2-3 weeks leading to the conference, and full time on the conference dates 18-19 October 2023)?
  • A team player, organized and detail-oriented?
  • Familiar with online conferences and meetings?
  • Interested in the subject of organized crime?
  • Proactive and willing

If yes to all of the above, please join our conference secretariat!


Following on from the success of the previous editions of the 24-hour conference on global organized crime (OC24) in the last three years, this year’s OC24 conference continues to virtually bring together scholars and practitioners.


We have received a great number of interests, panel and paper submissions. Therefore, volunteers play a significant role in helping to run the conference smoothly. Volunteers will be arranged in teams, and will be asked to:

  • Be available to assist during the conference dates 18-19 October 2023, and about 5 hours per week in the 2-3 weeks leading to the conference.
  • Support the conference organization and logistics tasks, including (but not limited to) coordinating with the speakers and panellists, managing the sessions’ presentations and videos, ensuring the panels run smoothly without technical problems, taking notes of the sessions, etc.
  • Support the conference communication and social media tasks, including (but not limited to) promoting the conference on various social media channels.

The conference will run in five parallel tracks with 75-minute sessions and 15-minute breaks in between sessions. Volunteers will report to the conference secretariat and receive a letter of appreciation after the conference ends.


If you are interested in joining the conference secretariat, please send an email including your CV and supporting documents (if available) (in one pdf, titled ‘Your full name_Location/Timezone), with the following email subject: ‘Application for joining the OC24 Conference Secretariat’, as well as indicating your location / timezone on the conference dates in your email to Ms Thi Hoang at